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Extraordinary Luxury

The house was originally build for a beloved uncle.

Unfortunately he became a wheelchair user but never fell out of love with his Piemonte, the food and wine and not at last the wonderful peacefulness and of course the amazing view over the mountains.

Sadly he passed away during the process of building Casa nel Bosco.

Therefor the house has a special treasure, that we normal walking people do not see in this fantastic house design.

The house (and one bathroom + one bedroom) is build with the measurement for a wheelchair.

One level plan + a seperat apartment, open plan and acces to the covered outdoor area from all rooms.

Even the pool has been designed whit a super cool ramp, to enter with the designer water wheelchair.

Also cool for walking people who want to look like Ursula Andress and also very safe for children.

If you or your loved ones have special needs, please contact us by phone for more info.

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